[OpenSIPS-Users] Private IP in registered AOR causing failure

opensipslist at encambio.com opensipslist at encambio.com
Mon Jan 25 13:02:59 CET 2010

Hello Bogdan,

An ven., janv 22, 2010, Bogdan-Andrei Iancu schrieb:
>opensipslist at encambio.com wrote:
>> An jeu., janv 21, 2010, opensipslist at encambio.com schrieb:
>>> An mer., janv 20, 2010, Bogdan-Andrei Iancu schrieb:
>>>> opensipslist at encambio.com wrote:
>>> After running a socket listener on on the OpenSIPS host:
>>>    $ socat TCP4-LISTEN:2310,bind=,reuseaddr -
>>>    SUBSCRIBE sip:MyLogin-OSIPS at;transport=tls;line=2acy67zm SIP/2.0
>>>    Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=G4z9hb82dK8.f144.0
>>>    To: <sip:MyLogin-OSIPS at name.host.tld>;tag=ty6sjh9iz9
>>>    From: <sip:MyLogin-OSIPS at name.host.tld>;tag=6c9d4319c74d756e6b696-baa1
>>>    CSeq: 11 SUBSCRIBE
>>>    Call-ID: b1c04118-8826 at
>>>    Content-Length: 0
>>>    User-Agent: OpenSIPS (1.6.1-tls)
>>>    Max-Forwards: 70
>>>    Event: dialog;sla
>>>    Contact: <sip:presence at name.host.tld>
>>>    Expires: 610
>>> I'm trying to implement presence by using the presence,
>>> presence_xml, pua, and pua_bla modules.
>>> So it seems that one of these modules (see event dialog;sla) is
>>> getting the contact from the locations table (in AAA on our server)
>>> and ignoring the Received header.
>>> OpenSIPS replies to messages from UACs such as INVITE and CANCEL
>>> properly, and opens connections to the IP in Received. This problem
>>> is limited to the SUBSCRIBES sent from one of the presence modules.
>> ...and similar SUBSCRIBE messages (sent from one of the presence
>> modules) are not having this problem. They are almost the same as
>> the one above, but simply don't have a to tag.
>So you have problems with a SUBSCRIBE that is internally generated
>by one of the presence modules? It is not a proxied request, right?
I know I have a problem because tcpdump shows that OpenSIPS is
trying to reach a private IP address across the Internet.

It seems that one of the presence modules is responsible for that,
because when I remove bla_handle_notify() and bla_set_flag() from
the route script, then the attempted private IP connections stop.

Proxied request
...and because I see no SUBSCRIBE (event dialog;sla) messages coming
from all the connected UAs (in their logs), it is quite clear that
some presence module of OpenSIPS is creating the SUBSCRIBEs.

At first I was sure it was the pua_bla, but after looking at the
code I see that pua_bla uses other presence modules (pua, presence,
presence_xml?) So it could be that another one is constructing or
sending the SUBSCRIBE without observing the 'Received' header, and
thus using a private IP instead.


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