[OpenSIPS-Users] Failed INVITE tcp_send to UDP UACs

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Fri Jan 22 13:35:43 CET 2010

Hello Bogdan,

An mar., déc  22, 2009, Bogdan-Andrei Iancu schrieb:
>opensipslist at encambio.com wrote:
>>>> But this is maybe a clue. It would seem that something in TLS
>>>> writing has changed between these two versions, maybe fundementally?
>>> 1.3 was doing infinite loop (for write and read), leading sometime to 
>>> blocking.
>> That was a painful part of 1.3, so good that the counter is there
>> now. I guess you're saying that the same TLS problems existed in
>> 1.3 as well, but they were masked by retries (maybe thousands.)
>yes, that is correct.
Can it be that when the internal OpenSIPS TCP lifetime counter is
set to the registration interval using the tcp_persistent_flag that
this counter is used even when the registration forcefully expires?

What I mean by forcefully is:

  Some IP phones don't wait for a registration period to time out.
  Instead they wait for 1/2 of the expiry period and then send a
  new REGISTER with a header 'Expires: 0' to force the registration
  to timeout. Then they immediately send a new REGISTER with a
  normal expiry value to obtain a new registration.

...so if an expiry time is 10 minutes, after only 5 minutes the UAC
invalidates the registration and makes a new one.

I'm wondering if OpenSIPS tries opening TCP connections using the
value of 10 minutes with a UAC which is no longer in the location
table because the AOR was removed (due to the principle described



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