[OpenSIPS-Users] Music On Hold Opensips

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Thu Jan 21 18:30:36 CET 2010


An jeu., janv 21, 2010, Alex Balashov schrieb:
>On 01/21/2010 12:00 PM, Mehdi Bouchefra wrote:
>> I'd like to implement the function Music on hold on Opensips.
>OpenSIPS is a SIP proxy, not a media endpoint.  So, it doesn't do
If while OpenSIPS routes a call a person presses 'hold' on a
telephone, often it will send a INVITE (I think it's called a
REINVITE.) What about detecting this 'hold' REINVITE in the
route script and redirecting the message to the media server?

In the end, another software will have to do the job of the media
server (as Alex points out), but it would seem a logical role for
OpenSIPS to play in some redirection for phones and their 'hold'


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