[OpenSIPS-Users] Private IP in registered AOR causing failure

opensipslist at encambio.com opensipslist at encambio.com
Thu Jan 21 14:12:37 CET 2010

Hello Bogdan,

An mer., janv 20, 2010, Bogdan-Andrei Iancu schrieb:
>opensipslist at encambio.com wrote:
>> Here's a record I see when I run 'opensipsctl ul show':
>>         AOR:: mylogin-osips
>>                 Contact:: sip:MyLogin-OSIPS at;transport=tls;line=2acy67zm Q=1
>>                         Expires:: 560
>>                         Callid:: 2b21cdfae784-av13rj1txbsq
>>                         Cseq:: 2
>>                         User-agent:: Bigphone123
>>                         Received:: sip:;transport=TLS
>>                         State:: CS_SYNC
>>                         Flags:: 0
>>                         Cflag:: 64
>>                         Socket:: tls:
>>                         Methods:: 7999
>> OpenSIPS is trying to reach the private IP number above from time
>> to time, and I see this in the logs:
>>   Jan 19 17:57:20 name.host.tld <error> opensips[23432]: ERROR:tm:t_uac: attempt to send to 'sip:MyLogin-OSIPS at;transport=tls;line=2acy67zm' failed
>> Thanks for any advice on correcting the failed private IP attempts.
>the problem is not the private IP in the contact, as opensips properly 
>saved the source IP (of the REGISTER) too -> see the Received field. So 
>the Received field will be used over the Contact for sending the 
>requests to UAC.
Yes, that's what was confusing me, that the Received header was
correct and the TCP connection still failed.

>Now, what probably goes wrong in your case is that when using TLS/TCP 
>(connection oriented protos), after the REGISTER, the connection is 
>dropped and opensips cannot open later a TCP connection behind a NAT 
>:(....By default opensips closes the inactive TCP connections.
>To make opensips to keep the connection (even with no traffic going on), 
>see the tcp_persistent_flag:
Good guess, but sadly your're wrong. I'm well informed of
manipulating the TCP connection using the tcp_persistent_flag. It
just wasn't where you expected it (and didn't appear in my email.)
The tcp_persistent_flag is being set on all registrations just
before save().

When I use tcpdump to see which address OpenSIPS is trying to
connect to before reporting the failure above, I see that it
really is trying to connect to (over the Internet.)

If I write fix_contact() just before save() then this behaviour
and the failure goes away. It would seem that a lookup("location")
does not always use the AOR's Received header, or what do you think
could be the problem?

It doesn't seem right changing the AOR's contact string to hack this
problem away.


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