[OpenSIPS-Users] Problem on an Interco where remote SIP proxy is expecting "Route:" header to be filled information from the last "Contact:" header ?

Julien Chavanton jc at atlastelecom.com
Tue Jan 12 20:04:29 CET 2010

I was working on one interco problem with a remote SIP proxy running on Kamailio.
Cisco(U1) --> Opensips(P1) --> Internet --> Kamailio(P2) --> Asterisk(U2)
The remote proxy(P2) is expecting us to fill the "Route:" header taking information from the "Contact:" header, according to my research the "Route:" header as to be filled using the information found in the last "Record-route:" header.
Note that the "Contact:" header IP address is the one of U2, as it is the destination UA.
I think our partner using Kalamailio only interconnected UA not Proxy, since they never faced this problem.
I will have to contact the technicien that as configured there Kalamailio server to validate why face this behavior.
" Rewriting Record-Route Header Field Values "
I used a hardcoded ACK  to make it work until we reach the butom of this, where we hardcoded the replacement of the IP address in the "Route:" header
subst('/^Route: <sip:P2;(.*)$/Route: <sip:U2;\1/');
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