[OpenSIPS-Users] Feature request: additional authorization conditions in auth_db

Alexander goal81 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 15:44:45 CET 2010

  Thank you very much, Bogdan! I've forgot about load_credentials :(

> Hi Alexander,

> auth_xxxx module simply does only the digest authentication. Whatever 
> additional check you may need can be done from the script, if auth is 
> passed. if you need some extra info from the subscriber table, you can 
> use the "load_credentials" param to fetch it in script.

> Regards,
> Bogdan

> Alexander wrote:
>>   Hello all!
>>   I  have a question about authorization: is there ability to specify additional
>> conditions? For example, like it's done in postfix?
>>   We  check  only username and password in OpenSIPS, but there may be additional
>> info,  like  "status" (active, suspended, blocked, etc...). So, if name/password
>> match, but status is not "active" - authorization fails.
>>   It may look like this in config file:
>>   modparam("auth_db", "additional_conditions", "fiStatus = 200").
>>   As   I   see,   now   this   feature  is not supported. If it's not planned to
>> develop, I can try to  implement this feature  and  provide  patch  or  modified
>> source  files. Will it be useful for someone else but me? :)
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