[OpenSIPS-Users] Info about rtpproxy and opensips working together on different hosts...

Roberto Ovani roberto.ebay at gmail.com
Mon Apr 19 21:30:42 CEST 2010

i have :

1) one host with opensips installed (opensips.roberto.com) on one public ip
2) one host with rtpproxy installed (rtpproxy.roberto.com) on another 
public ip

3) two clients into another LANs...

I forwarded the ports for making all work :
1) opensips : 5060 udp (for the registering in sip)
2) rtpproxy : 7890 udp (the socket), and the range 10,000 : 20,000 (i 
compiled with this range)

when on sip client wants to call another sip clients (they're both 
behind different nats and into different lans), then opensips must 
rewrite the sdp so that the rtp flow goes through rtpproxy: in this 
moment, opensips logs tell me :
/nathelper:force_rtp_proxy_body: incorrect port 0 in reply from rtp proxy

/and the communication cannot happen correctly...... any advice ? what 
shoul I have to check ?

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