[OpenSIPS-Users] Zombi sessions in Media-proxy

Alexandr Dranchuk dav at davion.kz
Mon Apr 19 12:11:16 CEST 2010


After making concurrent call limitation I've found 

that in case
of T38 session re-INVITE sometimes they stay active in Mediaproxy (2.4.2)

[Mediaproxy web displays only caller and calling numbers, no session
information provided at all for those calls] 

but OpenSIPS (1.6.2) destroy
them properly. 

Thus those sessions stays still active untill I restart
mediaproxy, on_hold_timeout doesn't work on them. 

In the logs nothing
wrong about those calls. not even warning. in case of reboot I get message:

"Session SESSIONID at SOMEIP is no longer on relay MY_IP statistics are
probably lost" and 

"error: failed to end dialog: 404 Requested Dialog Not

Is any idea how to fix this? 

will appreciate a lot any help.
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