[OpenSIPS-Users] No solution with asterisk possible? New feature in TM? Re: parallel forking and CANCEL/BYE

Uwe Kastens kiste at kiste.org
Fri Oct 23 12:04:56 CEST 2009


> IMHO a proxy shouldn't behave as a UAC. Perhaps it can monitor dialogs and so 
> because this features just requires requests inspection, there is no intrusion 
> (adding a Record-Route parameter is not intrusion XD).
> But behaving as an UAC is 100% intrusion.
> Yes, OpenSIPS is very flexible and can be used to solve some UA problems, but 
> the proxy shouldn't be the key for this purpose (IMHO).

Ok. I am with you.

But for example looking at the problem with mediaproxy (see email from
this morning), opensips is doing to much or to less ATM. So
mediaproxy/opensips will talk to the wrong SDP Ports, since its using
the 2nd 200 OK with SDP from the UAC answer.




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