[OpenSIPS-Users] Comparing client_nat_test with nat_uac_test

Thomas Gelf thomas at gelf.net
Fri May 29 16:21:41 CEST 2009

Another thing I stumbled over is one missing test in client_nat_test():
test 1 is the same in both modules, nat_traversal's test 2 corresponds
to 18 (2 & 16) in nathelper's nat_uac_test, test 8 (search RFC1918
addresses in the SDP payload) has no equivalent in client_nat_test().

Is test 8 useless? Is anyone aware of scenarios where RFC1918 could
appear in SDP, even with a correct SIP header? I know that EVERYTHING is
possible with a braindead ALG - but are there other situations where
this could happen? I wasn't able to figure out such an example, so
client_nat_test("7") should probably suffice.

Best regards,
Thomas Gelf

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