[OpenSIPS-Users] Flags and Mask on carrierroute module

Robert Dyck rob.dyck at telus.net
Fri May 22 18:47:11 CEST 2009

Is it masks in general that you do not understand? Using KCalc for example we 
see that 2112 decimal is 100001000000 in binary and 2048 is 100000000000.
"Apply" usually means AND the two values. In this example the flag will match 
one of the bits in the mask.

On Thursday 21 May 2009, Ricardo Martins wrote:
> Hi al! I realy tried to find how flags and mask on carrierroute modulo
> works but could not get a clue.
> I know that the mask column will be "applied" to the flags setted on
> scripting, before trying to match the flags on the rule. That's ok. But,
> in this case, what "applied" means?
> Let's consider the example at the module documentation, where we find a
> route with flags=2048 and mask=2112 (both decimal values). How can we
> interpret those values? For which possible values of message flags
> (scripting flags) this match will be true?
> I apreciate if someone could help me on that, and I'm sure that this
> help will be an important add to the list files, helping lots of people
> for now on.
> Regards to all! Long life to opensips!
> Ricardo Poppi.
> Brasil.
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