[OpenSIPS-Users] ERROR:core:pv_parse_spec: bad parameters after upgrading to 1.5

Carlo Dimaggio jaasmailing at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 10:40:09 CET 2009

Hi all,

After the upgrading to 1.5 I see these errors in my log:

Mar 25 10:25:48 sip /sbin/opensips[7908]: ERROR:core:pv_parse_spec:  
bad parameters
Mar 25 10:25:48 sip /sbin/opensips[7908]: ERROR:group:get_hf:  
unsupported User Field identifier
Mar 25 10:25:48 sip /sbin/opensips[7908]: ERROR:group:is_user_in:  
unable to get user/dom source

These errors appear after few calls (for example I have no errors for  
the first 2-3 calls), but I'm able to make calls.

I don't know what can be the reason because in 1.4.3 there was no  
The only thing I have added to configuration is create_dialog() before  
using set_dlg_profile().

Can you help me understanding these errors?

Thank you,
Carlo Dimaggio

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