[OpenSIPS-Users] no audio

erik pepermans cpu1 at telenet.be
Mon Mar 23 01:03:37 CET 2009

I got  2 UAs who connect from different places on a different network via a
stun server to opensips who listens on a public IP. They can register and
call each other; but there is no audio. I fist tried with mediaproxy without
result and afterwards with rtpproxy also without result.
I can see the invocation of rtpproxy in the logs when one of the UAs picks
up the phone :
U 2009/03/23 01:01:10.464054 ->
17100_2 L OWI3NmNmZmRhMDJmZGM5OGRkOWMxYmJkMzk5Y2RjOTk. 62914
1e49dc69;1 x9s057epp8;1
U 2009/03/23 01:01:10.464202 ->
17100_2 0 7x.xx.xx.xxx

I don't have any clue what to do more -
Please any help ?

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