[OpenSIPS-Users] memcache question

Anca Vamanu anca at opensips.org
Thu Mar 5 17:29:20 CET 2009

Hi Brett,

There are MI commands for the memory store operations:  delete and fetch 
(that you said you need) and also store, just that they were not 
documented. I have added the documentation here: 

They are not in the local_cache module since they are more general, 
matching the interface in the core and you can choose the cache system 
to use with the first parameter. Indeed for now the only supported 
system is the one implemented in local_cache module - so you will set 
this parameter to 'local'.


Brett Nemeroff wrote:
> For the memcache stuff in 1.5, is there a way to force the deletion of 
> cached objects? Maybe by fifo. So take the example where credentials 
> are cached. What if I change the user's password. Do I have to wait 
> for it to expire, or is there a way I can force the cached item to be 
> deleted so a new one will be loaded. I didn't see any fifos cmds in 
> the local_cache module. It'd also be nice if a fifo cmd can retrieve 
> and store cached objects as well.. ie: when I change my user's 
> password, I also push to cache (yes, I know, this would be done on 
> first lookup anyway, maybe a bad example).
> I think deletion of objects is pretty important. I can't wait to begin 
> using this.. It fits into so many places for me.. For what it's worth, 
> I'm considering using it for LCR and call count limiting. Call count 
> limiting based on dialog profiling. source IPs are grouped into 
> accounts and accounts have calling limits.
> That's my implementation, would like to hear of others out there!
> -Brett
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