[OpenSIPS-Users] Queue management system and load balancer.

Grygoriy Dobrovolskyy g.dobrovolskyy at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 17:59:37 CEST 2009

Good day everyone, i would like to discuss about load_balancer module and a
way i really need to use opensips. Load balancer is a great tool, in my case
resource are agents. In my project i need to receive all incoming calls and
load balance them to 5 destinations with X agents. The number of agents is
changing. We were able to create a script which is reading the number of
agents logged in, and transfer that data to mysql opensips table. Let's say
we do it every 5 min. The problem i am facing is simple to explain; What
should we do when there are no agents ? I can not dispatch to same servers
as it will break the system. Bogdan suggested to pass them to some other
server with fr_inv_timer set to 10 for example, that server generate early
media, when timer goes off we check if there are resources, and do same
again if there are none. It will work if i don't get too much calls. The
main problem occurs when there are 50 calls waiting and fresh call coming
in. It is impossible to guarantee that the first call which came it will be
served first, and this is what exactly i am trying to achieve. I am staring
to think about some kind a tag system, which tags each call forwarded call
to "waiting queue" and a some way of re inviting the call "first in line"
when i have a free resource. Is there any way in this world to do that ? I
am open to any propositions with any hardware&software involved. Of cource i
would like that one day opensips is able to do that by himself. Am i alone
in that demand ? Do we need actually a more advanced opensips call
management module ? maybe with any other product (*/FS) interaction ?

Looking to hear from you.

Grygoriy Dobrovolskyy.
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