[OpenSIPS-Users] Is opensips a front end to asterisk?

ram talk2ram at gmail.com
Fri Jul 3 07:47:54 CEST 2009

This I am unclear about at this time. Everything will be SIP/IAX based, no
PSTN lines will be used. We may have some PRI's here and there at some point
but not initially.
>>> Asterisk you can use as VOIP / PSTN termniation

> 2 Opensips ( for loadbalance registration) replicate
> 1 Mysql Server
> 3 Asterisk for PSTN  / VoIP handling

While I had not seen this, I believed that opensips would have the
capabilities of being run redundant. I am also guessing that this could be
done not only on one LAN but perhaps in two different locations?

>> its all again how you want the solution to be build software HA or

Don't suppose there's an ISO installable version which could be used to get
a better view of how things are set up.
>> iam Trying to achive this same from several months, but not getting time
to build one ISO image
>> which has all Opensips+asterisk+freeswitch and much moe.

For creating ISO image any developers intrested  to part of it send me
offline message

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