[OpenSIPS-Users] Restricting caller id

Jeff Pyle jpyle at fidelityvoice.com
Fri Dec 4 21:11:24 CET 2009


I use a scripting flag to indicate when a call is supposed to have CID
blocking enabled.  I have some scripting in the early part of the call
processing that looks for factors that indicate blocked caller ID, like
values of a Privacy header, part of the RPID header, a *67 prefix on the
call, etc.  If I find any of those I set the flag.  I check for the flag on
a branch route on the way out, and if it¹s set, I make sure I apply the
proper indications, including obfuscating the From header with
uac_replace_from().  By doing that at the end I ensure I don¹t run more than
one uac_replace_from() per transaction (which is a no-no).  By having it in
the branch route I can indicate privacy in different ways depending on where
I¹m sending it, in the case of serial/failover forking.

Does that make sense?

- Jeff

On 12/4/09 3:04 PM, "Daniel Goepp" <dan at goepp.net> wrote:

> I know that OpenSIPS is not really intended as a feature server but I'm
> wondering if anyone has found a way to implement some of the simpler features
> without having to go out to another system like Asterisk or FreeSWITCH.  For
> example, say I just wanted to implement caller id blocking.  Normally on a PBX
> call this might be *67+number for per call blocking.  Has anyone done this on
> OpenSIPS, and if so would you mind sharing your experiences?  I know it could
> be done by writing a custom module or script...but before I go that far I
> figured I would ask here.  After all I don't want to re-invent the wheel :)
> Thanks
> -dg

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