[OpenSIPS-Users] [Presence] Unblock delay & Polite-block

Anca Vamanu anca at voice-system.ro
Fri Sep 26 13:46:19 CEST 2008

Hi David,

The delay in seen the presence status of a user after having been 
allowed back is due to the SIP standard and we can't help it. Let me 
explain that to you.
When a watcher is blocked, the server has to send a Notify with state 
terminated and end that Subscription dialog. Now, when you allow it back 
the server is aware of that immediately, but can't send a Notify to the 
user having been allowed as there is no Subscribe dialog stored from 
him. So it will have to wait until the user Subscribes again. In my 
opinion this is an error in the standard but we have to do as it says. 
It does not help for the server not to delete that dialog, as the 
clients won't recognize it - when they receive a Notify with state 
terminated they delete the dialog.

As for the second issue that you mentioned, from what I know the 
'polite-block' policy was tested with OpenSIPS and it works. When 
polite-block is chose the server sends a Notify with state active, but 
no body as the standard says. I don't know a client implementing it 
correctly though.

Anca Vamanu

David Loh wrote:
> Hi Guys,
>    Recently I was implementing presence status with privacy 
> authorization (XCAP) and faced some strange problem. Whenever I block 
> any buddy with "Privacy Rules" on eyeBeam, the XCAP get updated 
> immediately and blocked user will change my presence status to 
> 'offline' almost immediately, but whenever I unblocked any previously 
> blocked buddy, XCAP get updated but it's take approximate 5 minutes 
> for other buddy to view me as 'online'. I have my other colleague 
> tried on Free World Dialup, and apparently they're having the same 
> problems too. Has anyone come across this problems too?
>    Meanwhile I was trying the "polite-block", it's seems the 
> pres-rules that created by eyeBeam will not have the "polite-block" in 
> sub-handling tag, and I was confused about "polite-block" & regular 
> block. Wondering if there any SIP proxy out there implemented 
> "polite-block" for testing? And what's the client that fully support 
> "polite-block"?
> Thanks,
> David Loh
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