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Ali Jawad ali.jawad at splendor.net
Tue Sep 23 14:33:52 CEST 2008



I have the following setup


Cell Phone "Any Possible Number" ----Calls a DID number-----> DID
Provider --> Forwards Call to my Openser --> OpenSer Server--> Forwards
Call to Asterisk with A2B --> Forwards it to the cell phone of the user


In short, a person can call a DID and it gets forwarded to Openser, if
the user is online using his sip phone, the sip phone rings and all is
OK. However, if the user is not online I do forward that call to
Asterisk and I want to forward it to the cell phone of the user.

The problem is that the FROM field and the SOURCE URI keep changing,they
are in the from phonenumberOfCaller at DID_Service_Provider.com   and I do
want to charge the user for the call. To do that I need to have the FROM
field and the source URI to be the USER ID so that I can charge him for
the call.


So, I might have to change the source URI and FROM field of the packet
and send it to asterisk..it would send the packet back to Openser and I
have to change those back to what they were and then send it to the DID


Might sound confusing, and it might sound stupid.


Please help me set this straight, can it be done ? Maybe not ? Maybe


Any suggestions are welcome. 





With Regards


Ali Jawad

System Administrator

Splendor Telecom (www.splendor.net)

Beirut, Lebanon

Phone: +961 1 373725

Fax: + 961 1 375554



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