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Alex Balashov abalashov at evaristesys.com
Sat Sep 20 00:46:30 CEST 2008

Maxim Sobolev wrote:
> Alex Balashov wrote:
>> I'd be curious to know if you get better results using MediaProxy 2.0, 
>> now that it uses kernel packet routing hooks for the RTP switching.
>> 750 is quite disappointing.
> Alex,
> I think before calling it "disappointing" you should note the following 
> few things:
> 1. The tests were performed using the old 1.0 version. In the latest 
> stable version 1.1 we have made several important performance enhancements.
> 2. This was a synthetic test, therefore its results should be taken with 
> the grain of salt, as it might not accurately simulate real world 
> conditions.
> 3. In order to take advantage of dual-core architecture, some extra 
> effort is necessary (see http://www.rtpproxy.org/wiki/RTPproxy/FAQ).
> Just to give you indication of the real-world numbers I just checked one 
> of the production systems our customer use. The 4-core 3GHz Xeon system 
> routinely pushes around 40-60MBps of RTP traffic and runs 4 copies of 
> RTPproxy in parallel. Each of 4 copies has since the last boot forwarded 
> about 30,000,000,000 RTP packets and used some 150,000 seconds of CPU 
> time. As you can easily calculate, the peak packet forwarding capacity 
> should be 4 x 200,000 packets per second, that is 800,000 RTP packets 
> per second per whole box. With the shortest possible 10ms packets, this 
> should allow for max 8,000 sessions, probably even more with 20 or 30 ms 
> packets. Even if you discount that peak number heavily by 20-30% (to 
> account for possible CPU time accounting errors in the Linux kernel and 
> other scalability issues), still you will get conservative estimate of 
> 4,000-5,000 sessions per server.
> Regards,


I realise all that.  What I meant by "disappointing" was to say that 
"these tests are probably not accurate and do not capitalise upon any 
needed optimisations."  I myself have gotten much better results than 
that with rtpproxy (several thousand calls).

-- Alex

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