[OpenSIPS-Users] Request URI in INVITE when using proxy

Andrew Pogrebennyk andrew.pogrebennyk at portaone.com
Fri Sep 19 13:25:13 CEST 2008

Filippo Zangheri wrote:
> Pjsua command line is:
>  $ ./pjsua-i686-pc-linux-gnu --ip-addr= --local-port=6000 --null-audio --outbound=sip:
>  $ ./pjsua-i686-pc-linux-gnu --ip-addr= --local-port=7000 --null-audio --outbound=sip:
>  [...]
>  INVITE sip: SIP/2.0
>  [...]
> Now, is it normal to have the proxy URI in the INVITE request 1st line, or
> is pjsua completely messed-up? Or is it a special way to make an INVITE, which
> OpenSIPS by default does not accept?

Why don't you check yourself?
According to RFC 3261 SIP URI is not complete without hostport part:
SIP-URI          =  "sip:" [ userinfo ] hostport
                     uri-parameters [ headers ]

I think what you are getting is the effect of having the outbound proxy 
set without setting the SIP URL to call. You won't need to set outbound 
proxy after SIP URL to call is set correctly. Just in case manual of 
pjsua is located at http://www.pjsip.org/pjsua.htm

Andrew Pogrebennyk

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