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gurumeditation at jacksonz.net gurumeditation at jacksonz.net
Thu Sep 18 11:37:16 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I am new to OpenSIPs and am looking for a few pointers to get me 
started. Basically, I am looking to use OpenSIPS+MediaProxy to sit in 
front of 4 Asterisk servers and to act as a load balancer/dispatcher.  I 
still need
to handle the registrations and media/transcoding in Asterisk. I want 
Opensips/Mediaproxy to simply relay all SIP,RTP and UDPTL (t.38) between 
the client and an Asterisk transparently (hiding the topology behind 
Opensips).  OpenSIPS will need to handle clients behind NAT and do 
keep-lives and media will need to pass through MediaProxy to maintain 
transparency/topology hiding of the backend.

Next, I want OpenSIPs to load balance traffic across the 4 Asterisk 
servers based on the source IP address of the clients, preferably using 
some hashing algorithm which will split the clients more or less 25% per 
Asterisk server.

I know OpenSIPs is capable of looking after all the registrations etc. 
and I expect lots of 'do the registrations in OpenSips' responses! - 
however for technical reasons I cannot do this as I have tailored 
Asterisk modules/config that relies on knowing the registration state of 
every client and moving the registration stuff away from Asterisk is not 
an option.  I want my OpenSIPs config to be as simple as possible.  It's 
primary (only?) function should be to proxy all signalling/media traffic 
between the client and one of the chosen Asterisk servers behind him? 
Other routing between Asterisk servers at the backend is already handled.

Please advise if this is all achievable and if somebody can point me to 
a good example config to achieve this then I would really appreciate 
it.  If necessary I can force Asterisk to use externip to set the IP 
address in the Contact etc. to be that of the OpenSips box - but if 
OpenSips can look after this too then great!


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