[OpenSIPS-Users] dialog module Timeout and BYE

kionez kionez at anche.no
Tue Sep 16 16:09:12 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I'm testing opensips's dialog module with my applications, when a dialog 
reach its timeout I would terminate the call, I try to set:

modparam("dialog", "timeout_avp", "$avp(s:dlgtimeout)")

and then

$avp(s:dlgtimeout) = 240;

But the server don't send any BYE message, as shown in LOG:

Sep 16 16:04:28 debian /usr/sbin/opensips[2724]: ACC: request 

Sep 16 16:08:28 debian /usr/sbin/opensips[2731]: 
WARNING:dialog:dlg_ontimeout: timeout for dlg with CallID '96678172' and 
tags '237428902' 'unfki'

My Call is still active, but in database it is correctly removed.

With openser i made a little patch that forces server to send BYE when a 
timeout is reached (and it was sent to Bogdan), but I'm not so able in 
coding and I'm not sure of my solution ;)

So, is there any way to get it working in OpenSIPS? Or a way to 
terminate calls when a timeout is reached (without using FIFO)?

Thanks in advance.


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