[OpenSIPS-Users] mysql database script

Andrew Pogrebennyk andrew.pogrebennyk at portaone.com
Mon Sep 8 11:00:44 CEST 2008

Iñaki Baz Castillo wrote:
> El Friday 05 September 2008 19:16:44 NAD escribió:
>> Hi,
>> I am unable to find mysql database script. can anyone help, where i can
>> find script to create mysql database.
>> I am using opensips-1.4.1-notls
> Which command exactly are you looking for?
> It was rename from OpenSer 1.1 to OpenSer 1.2 (o maybe from 1.2 to 1.3).

Actually you are looking for the opensipsdbctl command. You need to 
install the db_mysql module to use it.

Andrew Pogrebennyk

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