[OpenSIPS-Users] Forwarding REGISTER messages to Asterisk

Darren Sessions dmsessions at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 17:27:49 CEST 2008

I would highly highly highly recommend you *DO NOT* use Asterisk if  
you'll have any sort of volume of registrations (for the record, I am  
an Asterisk advocate).

I speak from experience and can say first hand that this is a **bad  

Asterisk's sip stack and configuration setup really just don't allow  
for a high concentration of SIP registrations without a very  
significant penalty on the Asterisk host. I had a couple hundred  
registrations on a single Asterisk server that started to visibly  
effect the performance of the host server. When I hit 500  
registrations, the Asterisk server was unusable. I have consistently  
been able to reproduce this effect to varying degrees on several Linux  
distros and on four different hardware vendor platforms.

Offloading the registrations to OpenSIPS is the smart way to do it. If  
you're wanting to send the call simultaneously to Asterisk and the end- 
point you can make a creative OpenSIPS config file using the LCR  
module or dbalias or something.

If you're wanting to do processing on the Asterisk server before the  
end-point is called, you could use the opensips config to route all  
the calls to the Asterisk server(s) and then have the Asterisk servers  
do their processing bit and send the call back to OpenSIPS which could  
detect the call as coming from your pool of Asterisk server(s) and do  
a location lookup at that point.

In any case, be creative, it's quite possible to do almost anything  
with the call flows you'd like having OpenSIPS at the front of your  

Good Luck!


Darren Sessions
dmsessions at gmail.com

On Sep 4, 2008, at 8:58 AM, Simon Shaw wrote:

> I was hoping to solve this issue in a more generic manner.
> Any idea how I change the IP address in the contact header?
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> El Wednesday 03 September 2008 19:44:42 Simon Shaw escribió:
>> I would like to use OpenSIPS as a pure router between some of my  
>> SIP UAs
>> and Asterisk such that when one of these UAs registers with  
>> OpenSIPS the
>> REGISTER message will be redirected to Asterisk where it will be
>> handled.   When a UA that is connected directly to the Asterisk box
>> dials one of the OpenSIPS UAs I would like the SIP INVITE to be sent
>> from the Asterisk box via OpenSIPS.
>> I have managed to forward the REGISTER messages to Asterisk using
>> rewritehost(<IPofAsterisk>), however when a UA that is registered
>> directly with the Asterisk dials a UA that registered via OpenSIPS  
>> the
>> INVITE message is sent directly from Asterisk to the UA.
>> I guess this is happening because Contact header in the REGISTER  
>> message
>> has the IP of the UA and not that of OpenSIPS.
>> If this assumption is correct what is the correct method to change  
>> the
>> IP in the contact header?  Could the NATHelper be useful here?
> It's easy: if you forward the REGISTER from OpenSIPS to Asterisk  
> then when
> Asterisk calls that user it will do it directly, since of course  
> "Contact" in
> REGISTER has the UA IP as it's logical.
> This would be possible with "Path" feature (see "path" module and  
> related
> RFC), but of course, be sure that Asterisk doesn't implement it.
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