[OpenSIPS-Users] NATed REGISTERs are failing

Jeff Pyle jpyle at fidelityvoice.com
Wed Oct 29 02:56:57 CET 2008


I'm in the process of converting from OpenSER 1.3.2 to OpenSIPs 1.4.   
The problem at the moment is that REGISTERs that come from behind NAT  
do not work because OpenSIPs tries to respond to the private IP.

In my old OpenSER config, only force_rport() happens before a  
stateless 100 Trying gets sent.  Then the request is challenged for  
auth.  Works fine.  In the new OpenSIPs config, the same  
force_rport(), then the same stateless 100 Trying and the same  
challenge.  Yet in the old config both the stateless reply and the  
auth challenge get sent to the public IP of the NATed device, and on  
the new one they are sent to the private 192.168.1.x address.

I've played with the various ways to fix a registration and/or  
contact.  They don't seem to have any effect.  In all cases, however,  
the request is detected as coming from behind a NAT.

No matter what I try I keep coming back to the same truth:  it works  
fine in OpenSER 1.3.2 and fails in OpenSIPs 1.4 trunk.  As best I can  
tell the same modules are loading with the same (or close) modparams.   
There seems to be some mechanism at work in the OpenSER side that's  
simply understanding the packets have come from a NATed source, where  
on the OpenSIPs side it is not.  I've been tweaking every setting I  
can think of for hours now and I haven't been able to realize any  
change in behavior.  Cross-eyed is the next stage.

For the record, non-NATed REGISTERs work just fine.

Any thoughts?  I'd be happy to post any relevant route logic, but at  
this point I'm not sure what's relevant...  Thanks in advance.

- Jeff

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