[OpenSIPS-Users] [NEW] OpenSIPS console tool

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Wed Oct 15 10:19:16 CEST 2008

Hi Giuseppe.

Giuseppe Roberti wrote:
> Great job, sure.
> Only two question.
> 1) Can we use osipsconsole in a backward compatibility mode for 
> opensipsctl and so on ?
yes, so far it is full backward compatible - the functionalities are the 
same. As Dan pointed out, we will have to add a non-interactive mode 
also (to be also compatible as usage also).
> 2) Why perl ? Opensips does not depends on perl, somebody (like me) hate 
> installing more than the essential thing.
Well, bash is not appropriate for such complex tools (and you end up 
using a lot of other external apps). Perl is wildly used on all the OSs 
- it is used by other utilities  and it is very powerful when come to 
advanced coding.

> Regards.
> Iulia Bublea wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm Iulia Bublea and recently joined the OpenSIPS project - I will 
>> mainly be involved in the addition tool part - provisioning/control 
>> scripts, DB tools, testing suits.
>> As a first step I just uploaded on the SVN (trunk) a new provisioning 
>> tool for OpenSIPS - the OpenSIPS console (osipsconsole). This is 
>> intended to be a generic tool for OpenSIPS provisioning and to include 
>> all the functionalities which are now provided by several scripts - it 
>> will replace the opensipsctl & opensipsdbctl scripts - their current 
>> functionalities are inherited, but:
>>  1) osipsconsole is written in Perl and it takes advantage of all power 
>> of the language to simply things (ops, multi-DB access, logic, etc)
>>  2) osipsconsole is not one command script, but a console - you start 
>> the application, you get a prompt, you can run the available commands, 
>> you have embedded help, command history (in the current session and
>> from 
>> previous session).
>>  3) osipsconsole in merged in a single file (all included files were 
>> replaced with functions in a single file) - this will offer more 
>> portability (only one file to handle), as osipsconsole is intended to
>> be 
>> run from remote servers.
>>  4) osipsconsole will remotely provision OpenSIPS - the Perl language 
>> will make possible to add XMLRPC support (additional to FIFO). This
>> will 
>> allow you to run it on a different machine that OpenSIPS. (XMLRPC 
>> interface is still work on progress)
>>  5) osipsconsole includes all the commands for provisioning the
>> OpenSIPS 
>> DB (currently located in opensipsdbctl, like create, migrate, etc), 
>> under the "db" generic command class -> single provisioning tool.
>>  6) osipsconsole will be able to use different DB backends via the Perl 
>> libraries.
>> For the moment, the osipsconsole implements exactly the same 
>> functionality/commands as opensipsctl - even the used rc files are 
>> identical for both applications.
>> In SVN tree, it is configured to run from the sources dir (binaries, 
>> config and RC files are relative inside the SVN tree):
>>   ./scripts/osipsconsole
>> After installing, the paths are updated (absolute ones), so you can run 
>> it from  where ever .
>> Osipsconsole is in alpha stage, so any help in testing it will be 
>> appreciated.
>> I will be available (lists, tracker) for any questions, feedback, ideas 
>> and bug reports regarding osipsconsole.
>> Regards,
>> Iulia
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