[OpenSIPS-Users] Generate INFO application/dtmf-relay message

Giuseppe Roberti jnod at jnod.org
Fri Nov 28 01:27:35 CET 2008

Sorry Brett. My english is poor, but i will try again to explain better
my needs.

I have to send a dtmf to an analog device.
This tell the device to start a timer.
This behavior cant be changed, so i have to do it via software.
This dtmf have to be send after the call is setup (after 200 Ok for
previously INVITE), so the device can hear that.
This dtmf can be a SIP INFO request or a RTP RFC2833 event.
I have understand that i cant do it with sip info request because a
proxy cant generate requests.
The only solution that i see is to inject rtp, but i am not sure of
that. (and i dont know how to do, so i am rtfm ;)

If you have any comment/suggestion, please send me, thanks.


Brett Nemeroff wrote:
> Still, regardless of the specific requirements. You've mentioned that it's a
> analog phone.. And thus you won't have a connected line to it without
> "calling" it.
> Maybe you could tell us more about it and we'd  be able to give you some
> idea of how you might be able to do it?
> -Brett

Giuseppe Roberti
<jnod at jnod.org>

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