[OpenSIPS-Users] Mediaproxy cannot write request to opensips mi_datagram socket

Giuseppe Roberti jnod at jnod.org
Fri Nov 28 00:59:02 CET 2008

Dan Pascu wrote:
> On Saturday 15 November 2008, Giuseppe Roberti wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I have configured opensips mi_datagram socket with mode 0666 on file
>> /tmp/opensips_socket.
>> But, when i simulate e relay error, media-dispatcher cannot write
>> (dlg_end_dlg ?) request to opensips.
>> cannot write request to '/tmp/opensips_socket': No such file or
>> Here the socket:
>> srw-rw-rw- 1 root root 0 2008-11-15 14:17 /tmp/opensips_socket
> It may be possible that the socket is not the one that belongs to the 
> dispatcher. For example if you run the dispatcher with --no-fork, so it 
> won't create a pid file, then while it is running you start another one 
> which will refuse to start because the control port is already in use, it 
> will still delete the old socket (connected to the 1st dispatcher) and 
> create a new one. While it may look like it is there, it's not the socket 
> from the 1st dispatcher, so it's not the socket you can use to talk to 
> it. It's just a dangling socket that is not connected to anything.
> If you run the dispatcher as a daemon and it creates a pid file, then the 
> 2nd instance will detect that and won't even attempt to start, so it 
> won't delete the 1st instance socket.
None of that, i have found the error.

The dispatcher read the configuration parameter for opensips socket AS
IS, so i have to write the path without the apex.
Now that i have found this misconfiguration error i come with another error.
The setup is the same from my first email.
Here the log from dispatcher: http://rafb.net/p/j2U4YN96.html

Thanks for helping.

Giuseppe Roberti
<jnod at jnod.org>

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