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Dragos Oancea dragos at voice-system.ro
Thu Nov 27 15:06:54 CET 2008


mmarzuola at interfree.it wrote:
> Hi all.
> I have updated the file on the procedural and cdrs table. To make the 
> tool CDRViewer I had to change the type of the column cdr_id in the acc 
> table, that must be a bigint (20), not a varchar.
> Now changing the opensips.cfg I can see the records.
> I have another problem which affects the MI Command tool: in the 
> boxes.global.inc.php configuration file I set
> $ boxes [$ box_id] [ 'me'] [ 'conn']="/ tmp / opensips_fifo ";
Here it should be :
...but maybe is just a typo.

> and I have loaded the module mi_fifo in opensips.cfg add added the line
> modparam ( "mi_fifo", "fifo_name", "/ tmp / opensips_fifo")
> If I run "opensipsctl fifo" from the command line everything works, but 
> by entering commands in the tool I get the following error:
> 12:40:41 | ps | / tmp / opensips_fifo
> sorry - reply fifo opening error
> I have tried to change the permissions to read and write the file 
> /tmp/opensips_fifo but nothing changes.
> Have you any suggestion to give me?

Looking at that error it seems like for some reason PHP cannot create the fifo reply file.
The ideea is that the command is first written to a fifo file  (/tmp/opensips_fifo) and 
then the answer is read from another file - a reply fifo file.
 From opensips-cp/config/tools/mi/local.php.inc :


This file gets deleted after each MI command , so dont be surprised if its not there.

But on most linux distros apache has rights to create files into /tmp by default , since 
/tmp is mode 777 . Maybe your /tmp has different mode ?

Thats the first suggestion.

The second suggestion would be to check your php.ini and see if PHP is allowed to call 
OCP is using system() to issue a  "mkfifo -m 666 $config->reply_fifo_path" command.
Maybe Safe_mode is on or other security restrictions are on .


> Thanks
> Matteo Marzuola
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