[OpenSIPS-Users] redirect server

ALOK KUSHWAHA alok.cs04 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 07:22:22 CET 2008

hI! all

i am attaching my openisps.cfg file . please see it. what's wrong in it?

if i am registering with 11 at
it's responding with 200 ok , and 300 redirect
in contact field it's showing both registering address as well as
rewriteuri() address i.e. 13 at

But, it's not redirecting the invite requests send to registered address to
other contact URI. as i am expecting.
i.e i m sending invite to 11 at and expecting it to be
redireted to 13 at but it's going only to
11 at
in CONTACT field both the addresses are available.

please help me.
looking forward for yor reply

           Alok Kushwaha
        Citrix R n D Bangalore

" always be the reason of someones happiness."
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