[OpenSIPS-Users] pua_mi, presence_mwi problems

mika.saari at wipsl.com mika.saari at wipsl.com
Tue Nov 18 12:51:22 CET 2008


  I have been trying to get the pua_mi to send message-summary
notification using the prensece_mwi. After going through the code I
noticed that the pua_mi/mi_func.c gives 400 Too many parameters, in case
I send the message-summary message to the fifo e.g.

sip:test at test.com
Message-Waiting: yes
Message-Account: sip:test at test.com
Voice-Message: 1/3

  But if I do not include the "\r\n" (CR LR, 0x0d, 0x0a) to the
pua_publish body, the presence_mwi module won't work because it is
looking for those carriage return and line feed as line separators in

  What should I do to make pua_mi and presence_mwi to accept the
message-summary body ? Or is there some other way to allow the
message-summary to be sent from the voicemail ?

  Thank you very much,

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