[OpenSIPS-Users] Mediaproxy cannot write request to opensips mi_datagram socket

Giuseppe Roberti jnod at jnod.org
Sat Nov 15 14:25:39 CET 2008


I have configured opensips mi_datagram socket with mode 0666 on file
But, when i simulate e relay error, media-dispatcher cannot write
(dlg_end_dlg ?) request to opensips.

Here the log:
Issuing "update" command to relay at
Issuing "update" command to relay at
mediaproxy.interfaces.opensips.UNIXSocketProtocol starting on
cannot write request to '/tmp/opensips_socket': No such file or directory
failed to end dialog: Cannot send request to OpenSIPS
Got statistics: {'from_tag': '8be673d8b6e193c5o0', 'callee_packets':
{'audio': 732}, 'dialog_id': '1585:0', 'start_time': 1226754595.4300001,
'timed_out': True, 'caller_bytes': {'audio': 147600}, 'callee_bytes':
{'audio': 146292}, 'call_id': 'fcd18794-f13d3339 at',
'to_tag': 'as4f8875fd', 'streams': [{'status': 'closed', 'caller_codec':
'G711u', 'pdd': 3.2557408809699999, 'callee_codec': 'G711u',
'start_time': 0, 'caller_bytes': 146200, 'callee_bytes': 146200,
'callee_remote': '', 'caller_remote':
'', 'media_type': 'audio', 'callee_local':
'', 'timeout_wait': 0, 'caller_local':
'', 'end_time': 15}], 'caller_packets': {'audio':
741}, 'duration': 15, 'to_uri': '1000 at', 'from_uri':
'pap1 at', 'callee_ua': 'Asterisk PBX', 'caller_ua':
Connection with relay at was closed
Error processing request: Non-update command received from OpenSIPS for
unknown session

Here the config for mi_datagram:
loadmodule "mi_datagram.so"
modparam("mi_datagram", "socket_name", "/tmp/opensips_socket")
modparam("mi_datagram", "children_count", 23)
modparam("mi_datagram", "unix_socket_mode", 0666)

Here the config for media-dispatcher:
; Configure interaction between the media dispatcher and OpenSIPS
; Path to OpenSIPS' UNIX filesystem socket from the mi_datagram module.
socket_path = '/tmp/opensips_socket'
; Maximum number of connections to open with OpenSIPS' mi_datagram socket.
; Please note that connections will be opened on a need basis depending on
; load, but never more than the number configured below.
max_connections = 10

Here the socket:
srw-rw-rw- 1 root root 0 2008-11-15 14:17 /tmp/opensips_socket


Giuseppe Roberti
<jnod at jnod.org>

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