[OpenSIPS-Users] presence not starting

David Villasmil david.villasmil.work at gmail.com
Sun Nov 9 13:45:50 CET 2008

Hello all,

     I've compiled opensips 1.5 with presence support, this is what my
MAkefile looks like:

# if not set on the cmd. line or the env, exclude this modules:
exclude_modules?= jabber cpl-c xmpp rls mi_xmlrpc \
        db_postgres db_unixodbc db_oracle db_berkeley \
        avp_radius auth_radius group_radius uri_radius \
        osp perl snmpstats perlvdb seas peering carrierroute mmgeoip \
        pua pua_bla pua_mi pua_usrloc pua_xmpp \
        ldap h350

I've taken out presence, presence_mwi, presence_xml and xcap_client (besides
others like db_mysql)

I compile and everything looks good, no errors, but when I start OpenSIPS I

Nov  9 09:46:12 chef-os-01 /sbin/opensips[13068]: NOTICE:presence:mod_init:
initializing module ...
Nov  9 09:46:12 chef-os-01 /sbin/opensips[13068]:
DBG:core:find_cmd_export_t: <load_sig> not found
Nov  9 09:46:12 chef-os-01 /sbin/opensips[13068]:
ERROR:presence:load_sig_api: can't import load_sig
Nov  9 09:46:12 chef-os-01 /sbin/opensips[13068]: ERROR:presence:mod_init:
can't load signaling functions
Nov  9 09:46:12 chef-os-01 /sbin/opensips[13068]: ERROR:core:init_mod:
failed to initialize module presence
Nov  9 09:46:12 chef-os-01 /sbin/opensips[13068]: ERROR:core:main: error
while initializing modules
Nov  9 09:46:12 chef-os-01 /sbin/opensips[13068]: DBG:presence_xml:destroy:
Nov  9 09:46:12 chef-os-01 /sbin/opensips[13068]: NOTICE:presence:destroy:
destroy module ...

Is there any other module I need?

Thanks in advance!


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