[OpenSIPS-Users] FW: OSP routing and proxy server

Jim Dalton Jim.Dalton at TransNexus.com
Fri Nov 7 12:19:34 CET 2008


OpenSIPS with OSP support can work with outbound proxies. I attched a test
log file for this case.

1. The source sent a call to a proxy support OSP.

2. The proxy got destinations from a OSP server.

3. The proxy built INVITE messages for the destinations but sent them to a
outbound proxy.

4. The outbound proxy did nothing but forward the INVITE messages to the

Since we do not have a real outbound proxy, I use a proxy to send 401 for
all INVITE messages.




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I'm looking for a way to use OSP routing with proxy server.


The original OSP routing is done with:






I want to use it with proxy server, i.e. not to send it directly to the
gateway returned by prepareosproute(), but to send it to the proxy server
that will forward it to the gateway.


Will the following work?






Or t_relay("udp:proxy") will override all routing information, so proxy will
not enable to route a call?



Best Regards,

Alex Massover


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