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Dan Pascu dan at ag-projects.com
Wed Nov 5 08:38:17 CET 2008

On Tuesday 04 November 2008, Jiri Kuthan wrote:
> Hi Bogdan,
> first of all, I find particular bitterness and negativism in your email

I also find a particular tendency to push others to adopt your view as 
being better than theirs in your emails. Now can we skip the personal 
characterizations and stick to the relevant points?

> -- I sincerely hope you will find that actually this project is aimed
> very positively, and will find your ways to contribute to its success.

I think he already did. In case you are not aware, every fix in opensips 
was quickly ported to kamailio. I'm also sure this will continue, so 
indirectly the new project will benefit from his work it seems...

> Of course that's not invitation just to you, but to anyone seriosly
> contributing to SER (and all of its variants). I think we have had
> enough forking confusion and we better spend time on developing SER
> as opposed to balkanizing it.

Wow. For someone who claims to extend a white flag and an invitation to 
peace, you certainly know how to push the right buttons to piss someone 
off. Hint: by demonizing the others and making them look like the bad 
guys because they don't share your view, won't help in the mediation 

> Our interest has been formulated as "high concentration of developers
> should
> increase the overall perfection of the software, defined as sound well
> thought-of
> design, low number of bugs and solid documentation."

We went through 2 intestine fights in this project to know better than 
a "high concentration of developers" can also lead to something else than 
more coding poper. Did anything change in the attitudes of the involved 
parties towards each others to guarantee that this time it will be 
different? Because if not it'll be doomed from start. The real issue is 
not the man power or concentration of developers, is the relation between 

> It seems that the community is more concerned about serial forking
> desires (not meaning the particular SIP feature) than about what you
> are suggesting. Also I think that some of these concerns have been
> largely exaggerated to serve one own's purpose and over time, they just
> amortized themselves.
> In fact, I think forking is a BAD thing to do, and this process is an
> acknowledgment of it. Folks may find more insights about downsides of
> forking under the following link:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fork_%28software_development%29

You have posted this link 3 times already in the emails you have sent to 
this thread, so we know by now that you strongly support this view. While 
I agree with you that if possible people should work together rather than 
apart, I also know that if they can't work together it's better to work 
apart than spend most of the time fighting rather than working.

Besides I strongly disagree that forking is necessarily BAD. In the 
opensource software world, forking is the equivalent of freedom of 
expression. If some developers feel they cannot express themselves as 
they want under the rule of the others and they cannot find a way to 
solve the conflict, then by all means forking is their right and the only 
way to fully express their potential. Are you suggesting that you would 
like to deny their freedom of expression which you see as a BAD thing?

> I'm sure there are some who are extremely anxious about size-matters,
> and those who love conspiration theories and other fascinating
> subjects. 

Wow (again). You cannot really expect to be taken seriously in your claim 
that you come with a peace offer when you make sarcastic comments like 
this and try to make the other party look like the Bad Guys TM.
I would say the only conspiracy I see around is against common sense and 

> In fact, the objectives here are very pragmatic and that's 
> getting the individuals contributing to SER together, for SER's sake. I
> see individuals as key "contributing bodies", even though role of

Is this view of individuals as key "contributing bodies" a new one which 
tries to fix the issues that led to openser forking from ser, or did you 
view things the same way back then? Because if nothing changed, the 
experience will be recreated all over again.

Somehow, your sarcastic comments make me doubt that and also makes me 
skeptical of the fact that you will be able to bring people together.

> In summary, it seems to me that fortunately all of the concerns above,
> are as well-minded as unjustified and the key concerns remains, how do
> we actually avoid YAFs.

Usually by having a higher respect for the other involved parties.


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