[OpenSIPS-Users] multiple registration

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Sat Aug 9 14:51:11 CEST 2008

Hi David (again :)),

This is a kind of old problem. Coding is not an issue, but logically 
speaking, it is :). When you deal with multiple contacts per AOR, what 
should be the logic when limiting the number of records
    1) discard old ones?
    2) discard new ones?

if you do 1) (like yahoo does), it will be messy as you have no 
mechanism to notify back a phone that it was unregistered (while 
refusing a new registration is perfectly clean)

if you do 2) , there is the problem you mentioned - and belief me, there 
is quite a common problem !

So, what you are looking is a way to have only one contact per AOR and 
any new contact will override the existing one, right?


David Villasmil wrote:
> Hello all again!
>      I know one can limit the number of registrations allowed for a 
> contact, but how can I DISCARD previous contacts? i.e. UACs behind 
> asymmetric NATs have multiple contacts, same ip, same user, but 
> different source port! I could just set the expiration to a low value 
> but that's not what I want as it still generates multiple contacts... 
> What I want is to delete any previous contacts for the registrating 
> user if the source IP is the same as the prevoius, how can I achive that?
> Thnks
> David
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