[Users] purposely dropping reply message

Tim tim at zattco.com
Wed May 16 06:55:47 CEST 2007


How/Where would be the best place to purposely drop a particular reply
message ( > 400 )

I have armed both the reply route and failure route and attempted to drop
the message by calling the drop() function but this doesn't seem to work.
Is there a simple method for conditionally dropping a reply message?

My goal is to force the UAC that created the original request to retransmit
(UDP) the request in certain scenarios, such as when ACK to an initial
invite has not been fully processed by the downstream UAS but a re-invite
has been received by the UAS causing the UAS to return a 400 for the
re-invite.  I do not want the UAC to see the 400 reply, instead I simply
want the UAC to resend the re-invite because no final response has been
received, presumably by this time  the ACK processing will be finished and
the retransmitted re-invite would be handled smoothly.

I realize replies are routed based on via headers.  Is there some way to
short circuit this routing other than drop()?



Tried this from failure route

                xlog( "L_ERR", "400 message in failure route 2 **********
\n" );

Tried this from reply route

if(status == "400")
                xlog( "L_ERR", "400 in reply route 2 .... dropping\n" );
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