[Users] Redirect the same INVITE to the SIP SERVER from Balancer?

Alejandro Sanchez alexsc_java at yahoo.com.mx
Fri Apr 27 21:01:09 CEST 2007


My enviroment is the next:

OS. Red Hat 4 up. 4
Openser 1.1.1 (balance with the module dispatcher)

-Sip Server
OS. Red Hat 4 up. 4
Openser 1.1.1

The actual flow is this.

VTA             B              C           VTB
               <---200 OK------
<----200 OK-----

               <-404 NotFound--
--404 NotFound--
               <----200 OK------ 
               ------------ 200 OK-------->
<-404 NotFound--               
VTA= videotelephone A
B= balancer (openser 1.1.1 with dispatcher module)
C= SipServer (openser 1.1.1)
VTB= video telephone B

How you see when the VTA sends again the same invite,
the balancer(B) answer with the 404 not found but
without ask again to the SipServer(C), and my problem
is that VTB is late and i have to try find it in the
second invite, then in the second invite i need ask
again to the SipServer(C) if the VTB is register.

VTA y VTB access to the IP network making a dial-up

Why the balancer dosen't send the second invite to

How do i get this flow?

Thank's for the Help

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