[Users] radius - multi leg accounting

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Wed Apr 25 10:00:01 CEST 2007

Hi Rosario,

with RADIUS, you will get one start (for INVITE) - disregarding the 
number of legs-, a second start record (for ACK) if report-ack is 
enabled and a stop for BYE.

focusing on the start record for INVITE - this record will contain a 
pair of Sip-Leg-Source and Sip-Leg-Destination RADIUS AVPS for each leg. 
So, if you have 3 legs, will get 3 x (Sip-Leg-Source + Sip-Leg-Destination).

from script, for each leg, you need to write into avps the values for 
src and dst:

    # leg 1
    avp_write("src_leg1", "$avp(i:110)");
     avp_write("dst_leg1", "$avp(i:111)");
    # leg 2
    avp_write("src_leg2", "$avp(i:110)");
     avp_write("dst_leg2", "$avp(i:111)");


Rosario Pingaro wrote:
> Hi list I need to implement multileg radius accounting on openser 
> 1.1.x cfg.
> I have configured radius to handle Sip-Leg-Source and Sip-Leg-Destination.
> The problem is to configure openser.cfg propely.
> In the beginning i have:
> modparam("acc", "multi_leg_enabled", 1)
> modparam("acc", "src_leg_avp_id", 110)
> modparam("acc", "dst_leg_avp_id", 111)
> then in the route that handle the invite I load the avp by radius:
> avp_load_radius("callee");
> But then I miss the point to have two accounting start and two 
> accounting stop, one for each leg.
> Then...if it is not possible to have two accounting records, I would 
> liek to know how to store all the information of the two legs insede 
> one start and one stop.
> something like this one?
>                 avp_write("$from/username", "$avp(i:110)");
>                 avp_pushto("$ru","$avp(s:callee_callfwd)");
>                 avp_write("$ruri/username", "$avp(i:111)");
> Hope some one can drive me to understand better this situation.
> Regards
> Rosario
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