[Users] presence: dealing with publish

Cesc cesc.santa at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 17:19:18 CEST 2007


I am using openser1.2

If the presence module receives a PUBLISH:
- without E-Tag, it gets stored and if needed, a NOTIFY is generated
... works for me.
- with an E-tag, for which this openser has not seen the first PUB
(the one without E-tag) ... it gets discarded/ignored?

How is the e-tag used in processing publishes and then generating notifies?

I ask this because in my (peculiar) setup with two openser's sending
publish to each other, depending on the order I start the elements (2
phones, 2 opensers), I don't get always a working behavior:
- if the opensers are running before the phones start ... no problem
... I guess as they see the PUB without e-tag, it all goes fine
- if the boot order is : openser1 ... then phone 1 ... sometime after
(enough to miss the first PUB without e-tag) ... openser2 ... then
phone2 ... Phone 2 does not receive NOTIFYs of status changes from
phone1, eventhough the PUBlish messages do get to openser2 ... but
somehow, they get "discarded" ...



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