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chungyu chungyu at ms11.voip.edu.tw
Wed Apr 11 16:41:36 CEST 2007

Dear all:
 Avpops module' exported function avp_db_delete() can do delete one record?

           I use "test" as default table that has two fields.

username |  number
bob      |  1
alice    |  1
bob      |  2

my configuration:
modparam("avpops", "avp_url", "mysql://ser:heslo@localhost/ser")
modparam("avpops", "avp_table", "test")
modparam("avpops", "username_column", "username")
modparam("avpops", "avp_aliases", "num=i:55")
modparam("avpops", "db_scheme", "number_scheme:table=test;value_col=number;value_type=string")

if (method=="INVITE"){
   avp_db_load("$from/username", "$num/$number_scheme");   //load from table "test" ,number column as string value into AVP name '$num'
   avp_db_delete("$from/username", "s:test")      //delete all bob' record

if bob calling then bob'record has deleted

username  |  number
alice     |  1

But i want delete a record.
ex: delete number value is 1 for bob

username  |  number
alice     |   1
bob       |   2 

avp_db_delete() can do delete one record? 

Another question is avp_db_store() can do insert new data in table?

ex:  insert into test (username,number) values ("mary","3")

username  |  number
alice     |    1
bob       |    2
mary      |    3

avp_db_store() can do it?

sorry,I still can't understand what it mean about avp_db_store() and avp_db_delete().
Can tell me?
Thanks a lot in advance


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