[Users] textops regular expression matching = subst to replace from field

NEILL WILKINSON neill.wilkinson at btinternet.com
Wed Jan 18 15:12:31 CET 2006

  thnx for the reply. I'll take a look at the UAC module.
  Correct me please, if am wrong, but to achieve 3rd Party registration, the To: field matches the AoR (e.g. boss at company.com), request URI matches the registrar server I'm sending the message to, and the From field is (basically) who is registering the message, for 3rd party registration this could be for example secretary at company.com

  If in openser I get a register message - at this point correctly intended for the server, I want to "artificially" rewrite the message to send on to another registrar, but with the From field populated with a psuedo URI. Then I need to modify the REGISTER to contain the registrar address I'm "forwarding" to, the From field to my psuedo 3rd party and the rest of the header remains the same.
  When the registrar I'm forwarding to receives the message it will import the AoR from the To: field and the contact information.
  Vola - 3rd party registration?
  I know this sounds painful - but I'm trying to acheive something pretty painful too! :o)
  uac_replace_from () looks to be what you're suggesting?
Bogdan-Andrei Iancu <bogdan at voice-system.ro> wrote:
  Hi Neill,

there are two issues with what you are trying to do:
1) for REGISTER the TO hdr is used to identify the hdr and not FROM
2) if you change TO or FROM hdrs you may broke transaction matching 
for replies on the UAC.

BTW, for proper FROM changing, look at the UAC module


Neill Wilkinson wrote:

>Hi all,
>Looking to get a way to replace the From field in a REGISTER message to the
>forward on to another Registrar, as a third party registration
>I've tried something along the lines of:
>If (subs("/(^From:)([ ]*)/\1 sip:newaddress at new.server/I"))
> log(1,"Match!\n");
> log(1,"No match\n");
>I basically need help with the Regex syntax and a good means of checking -
>is egrep or sed a good means of testing?
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