[Users] NAT Problem?

Daniel-Constantin Mierla daniel at voice-system.ro
Tue Jan 17 19:18:05 CET 2006


you have to use a nat traversal solution. If the clients are behind 
symmetric nat, then you have to use server side components. OpenSER has 
two server-side solutions for nat traversal:

- nathelper module + rtpproxy
- mediaproxy module + mediaproxy

If the clients are not behind a symmetric nat and they support STUN, 
then you can let them to deal with nat traversal, you just need a stun 
server (there are some public STUN servers available for use).


On 01/17/06 17:08, Craig Mariner wrote:
> Hi List
> I have a problem with OpenSER.  OpenSER has a public IP and is not 
> behind a NAT.  Two clients that are behind a NAT ring each other but 
> there is no audio either way.  Any advise please?
> Sencond scenario two clients both behind the same NAT. .  
> Client1 calls the Client2, Client2 UA rings, Client2 answers the call 
> but it does not connect.  Client1 call does not get answered by 
> Client2 and Client1 just hears the ringing tone.  Any ideas?
> Best Regards 
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