[Users] route on reply reason in failure_route

Walter Schober walter.schober at neotel.at
Sun Jan 15 11:50:24 CET 2006

Can anyone please give me a hint how to access the reply reason in
failure_route - or is it really not possible to trigger some event on the
response _reason_.
 0(704) SIP Reply  (status):
 0(704)  version: <SIP/2.0>
 0(704)  status:  <404>
 0(704)  reason:  <CLIR Inactive>   <----- I want this!

There is a pseudo variable for that, but no function can search the replied
Is it really true, that you can use the reply status only
Using avpops the pseude variables $rr and $rs are <null> at that moment. Do
I miss something?
I'm doing that:
        if (t_check_status("404") ) {
                avp_printf("$reason", "The reply: $rr, $rs");
resulting in:
 0(740) DEBUG:avpops:print_avp: p=0xb6177838, flags=2
 0(740) DEBUG:                  id=<32>
 0(740) DEBUG:                  val_str=<The reply: <null>, <null>>

Any hints welcome.
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