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Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Thu Jan 5 10:58:46 CET 2006

Hi Christian!

The more interesting part would be the SIP signaling between the SNOM 
and the proxy. If registration is lost, that means that:
- SNOM stops sending REGISTER or
- SNOM still sends REGISTER but they are not accepted by openser

Please set exires back to 10min and watch the SIP signaling:
- using "ngrep -t -W byline port 5060" on the proxy
- using the logging feature of the snom phone

Please post this logs.


Christian Benke wrote:
> Hello!
> I've been running my experimental(production in the near future)
> environment with ser and a mysql-db for some months now but want to switch
> to postgres and openser soon. i'm using a very simple routing as i didn't
> have the time to dig deeper into the ser-routing-language.
> i've already adapted my current config-file to openser and the routing
> works as expected. still, there is one major problem i could not
> cope with yet: Expiry.
> i'm using a snom 190 and had the "proposed expiry"
> set to 10min with ser, without any registration-problems or
> registration-loss.
> with openser with the same settings on the snom i loose my registration
> within a few minutes after phone-reboot, when setting "proposed expiry" to
> 1min on the snom it works without problems endlessly - but setting this
> generally to 1min on all the phones that will register at openser doesn't
> seem to be a good idea and i guess there are other ways.
> I've tried to force it with the modparams min_expire 100, max_expire 1800
> and default_expire 600
> but the result is still the same, calls are possible after rebooting the
> phone, but after some minutes(below 10min), i loose registration.  I had
> similar problems due to a firewall closing the connection, but that
> occured when i had set a 60min expiry on the snom(with ser), the 10min
> timeout works fine with the same snom 190 and ser.
> I've searched a lot for
> expiry-problems but only found the modparams above that could be
> responsible for this.
> Sorry if my explanations sound simple and untechnical,
> but i'm pretty unexperienced with ser/openser yet so i try to explain it
> the way i understand it, simple ;-)
> i've attached my config-files, both ser and openser:
> 21X.XXX.XXX.100 is the host running ser(port 5060) and openser(port 5061)
> 21X.XXX.XXX.101 is asterisk1
> 21X.XXX.XXX.102 is asterisk2(asterisk2.de.domain.cc)
> i'm registering my phones at openser with the domain siptest1.domain.cc, the
> second domain sip2.de.domain.cc is a test for a multidomain setup but
> doesn't work yet(i can't
> use the domain-column provided by the db since i need two different
> origination domains in asterisk's sip.conf to seperate the calls - maybe
> not the best approach...)
> p.s.:
> a second question regarding the multidomain - i can't register with
> sip2.de.domain.cc - i guess there's something wrong with my regexp
> "if (uri=~"^sip:(.+@)?((sip2\.)?(de\.)?domain\.cc)([:;\?].*)?$") {"
> someone having mercy and tell me what is wrong with my syntax(or maybe a
> link to a descriptive documentation - ser admin guide was not enough for
> me)?
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