[Users] RE: [Serusers] Re: [Serdev] Inaccurate Radius Accounting

'Jan Janak' jan at iptel.org
Mon Jan 2 23:55:00 CET 2006

On 29-12-2005 12:50, Klaus Darilion wrote:
> 'Jan Janak' wrote:
> >Hello,
> >
> >Attached is a patch that implements "swap_direction" parameter of acc
> >module. If you turn the parameter on in the configuration file:
> >
> >modparam("acc", "swap_direction", 1)
> >
> >then the acc module will swap Calling-Station-ID and Called-Station-ID
> >values when necessary (in this case BYE comming from the callee).
> Does this patch works only for radius or also for db accouning?

  Just for radius. I did not implement it for other accounting backend
  because I have no use for it. Patches are welcome (it is trivial).


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