[Users] Problem with SQL module and usrloc

Antoine Fressancourt antoine.fressancourt at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 11:18:20 CET 2006


First of all, Happy new year to all the readers of this mailing list !

I have a slightly strange issue with  my openser installation. I am using a
mySQL database to store the users of my SIP server. I am trying to start the
server while the database is on a distant server. The logs are returning
this error, and I can't undrestand what went wrong :

0(0) AUTH module - initializing
0(0) AUTH_DB module - initializing
0(0) usrloc:preload_udomain: Wrong version v136410800 for table <aliases>,
expected v1001
0(0) register_udomain(): Error while preloading domain 'aliases'
0(0) domain_fixup(): Error while registering domain

ERROR: error -1 while trying to fix configuration
Do you have any clue ?

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