Presence_MWI Module

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1. Admin Guide
1.1. Overview
1.2. Dependencies
1.2.1. OpenSIPS Modules
1.2.2. External Libraries or Applications
1.3. Exported Parameters
1.4. Exported Functions
2. Contributors
2.1. By Commit Statistics
2.2. By Commit Activity
3. Documentation
3.1. Contributors

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2.1. Top contributors by DevScore(1), authored commits(2) and lines added/removed(3)
2.2. Most recently active contributors(1) to this module

Chapter1.Admin Guide


The module does specific handling for notify-subscribe message-summary (message waiting indication) events as specified in RFC 3842. It is used with the general event handling module, presence. It constructs and adds message-summary event to it.

The module does not currently implement any authorization rules. It assumes that publish requests are only issued by a voicemail application and subscribe requests only by the owner of voicemail box. Authorization can thus be easily done by OpenSIPS configuration file before calling handle_publish() and handle_subscribe() functions.

The module implements a simple check of content type application/simple-message-summary: Content must start with Messages-Waiting status line followed by zero or more lines that consist of tabs and printable ASCII characters.


1.2.1.OpenSIPS Modules

The following modules must be loaded before this module:

  • presence.

1.2.2.External Libraries or Applications


1.3.Exported Parameters


1.4.Exported Functions

None to be used in configuration file.


2.1.By Commit Statistics

Table2.1.Top contributors by DevScore(1), authored commits(2) and lines added/removed(3)

NameDevScoreCommitsLines ++Lines --
1. Bogdan-Andrei Iancu (@bogdan-iancu)15132930
2. Juha Heinanen (@juha-h)12564511
3. Anca Vamanu1071888
4. Liviu Chircu (@liviuchircu)972530
5. Daniel-Constantin Mierla (@miconda)971311
6. Razvan Crainea (@razvancrainea)7586
7. Ovidiu Sas (@ovidiusas)3220
8. Sergio Gutierrez314110
9. Ancuta Onofrei311013
10. Konstantin Bokarius3125

All remaining contributors: Edson Gellert Schubert, Vlad Patrascu (@rvlad-patrascu).

(1) DevScore = author_commits + author_lines_added / (project_lines_added / project_commits) + author_lines_deleted / (project_lines_deleted / project_commits)

(2) including any documentation-related commits, excluding merge commits. Regarding imported patches/code, we do our best to count the work on behalf of the proper owner, as per the "fix_authors" and "mod_renames" arrays in opensips/doc/ If you identify any patches/commits which do not get properly attributed to you, please submit a pull request which extends "fix_authors" and/or "mod_renames".

(3) ignoring whitespace edits, renamed files and auto-generated files

2.2.By Commit Activity

Table2.2.Most recently active contributors(1) to this module

NameCommit Activity
1. Razvan Crainea (@razvancrainea)Aug 2015 - Sep 2019
2. Bogdan-Andrei Iancu (@bogdan-iancu)Jul 2007 - Jun 2018
3. Liviu Chircu (@liviuchircu)Mar 2014 - Jun 2018
4. Vlad Patrascu (@rvlad-patrascu)May 2017 - May 2017
5. Ovidiu Sas (@ovidiusas)Oct 2010 - Mar 2011
6. Anca VamanuJul 2007 - Sep 2010
7. Sergio GutierrezNov 2008 - Nov 2008
8. Daniel-Constantin Mierla (@miconda)Oct 2007 - Mar 2008
9. Konstantin BokariusMar 2008 - Mar 2008
10. Edson Gellert SchubertFeb 2008 - Feb 2008

All remaining contributors: Juha Heinanen (@juha-h), Ancuta Onofrei.

(1) including any documentation-related commits, excluding merge commits



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