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1.  What are Design Clinics

Design Clinics are informal whiteboard discussions that give you the opportunity to explain your situation, in detail, to an OpenSIPS Expert. It is your chance to talk regarding your project or application and receive their opinions and perspectives on the best strategy to your concerns and suggestions for solutions you may not have considered. Design Clinics are one to one conversations with the help of a whiteboard.

Sample areas covered

  • SIP Proxy
  • SIP Session Border Controllers
  • SIP Security
  • NAT Traversal
  • Unified Communications as a Service
  • Module Development
  • Failover and Clustering Techniques
  • WebRTC
  • Version Migration
  • Least Cost and Dynamic Routing
  • Accounting

The sessions are 30 minutes long and depending on the requested topic(s) and complexity, one or two design experts will be allocated.

2.  When, Where and Who

The next Design Clinics session will occur in the same room as the OpenSIPS Summit in Amsterdam, May 4th, between 09:00AM and 17:00PM.

Who are our experts:

  • Bogdan-Andrei IANCU (OpenSIPS project)
  • Flavio GONCALVES (OpenSIPS project)
  • Razvan CRAINEA (OpenSIPS project)
  • Liviu CHIRCU (OpenSIPS project)
  • Pete KELLY (OpenSIPS project)
  • Alex GOULIS (OpenSIPS and FreeSwitch integration)
  • Alexander DUBOVIKOV (SIP Capture project)
  • Lorenzo MANGANI (SIP Capture project)

3.  Registration

Sessions with 30 minutes duration will be available upon request. To schedule a session, please fill this form.

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